A Sabbath afternoon at the park

It was great to be out as a church at Richies Wharf in Miramichi to distribute balloons and Mr Freezes to kids (young and old!).  This was part our our Launch Weekend Mission-Driven-Church project and also was part of an effort to let the population know about the Seventh-day Adventist church in their city.  We were wearing T-shirts with our logo and distributing literature to those interested.  Some even asked to get the pastor’s business card to get in touch!

The fun part was really to see the kids flock with their parents to get a balloon. And as soon as they saw that we were giving Mr Freeze too, oh my, that was not an occasion for them to miss!  And when some of them saw that they could even have seconds… !

The Miramichi church has given itself the mission this year (2019) to get out more and let people know who we are.  This “out in the park” event was also an occasion to share about two main activities that will come in the Fall (2019): a Health Expo and the Jesus & Revelation seminar.  We had prepared a card advertising the two event and on the back included a recipe for some good vegetarian food (you have the picture here and the recipe is in the pdf file for you to download – just click on the link).Publicity p1Miramichi_2019_Publicity_p2

We had a great time as a church going out and we want to share some of our joy with you through some pictures.  Enjoy and come visit us.Balloons and Mr Freeze park outreach