Health Expo

Interested in attending our annual Health Expo but want to know what it is?  Here is a video of one we did in 2019.  A Health Expo, as organized by your Seventh-day Adventist Church, helps you understand how appalling 8 simple laws and habits can improve your global health.  There are no great surprises here as those laws are just common sense.  But through some fun activities you will see if you are in good health or if you need to improve on one or more of the habits.   Health professionals are also on site to help you understand what is needed in your case.  The 8 laws (habits) for a good healthy life are:

1- Sunshine (make sure you see the sun often)

2- Nutrition (health goes through good healthy food)

3- Air (breathing good air is essential)

4- Water (drink and use water often)

5- Exercise (move that body!)

6- Rest (don’t exhaust yourself, your body and mind need regular rest)

7- Temperance (indulge in good things but shy away from unhealthy habits)

8- Trust (having faith and trusting helps much too)

Watch the video