TeamUp-2-CleanUp 2019

May 15 2019, the “Hard Core” members of the church teamed up to clean up part of the road in Miramichi near our church.  By a windy, cold, rainy night the “braves” went out wearing their suits for what proved to be some good garbage “reaping”.  Close to 10 full bags of trash were collected in this social action to help the City of Miramichi clean up from the many months of winter and – lets have the courage to say it – the bad habits of some drivers.

Young and old had fun fighting the wind with their plastic bags as they picked up the “treasures” left by the side of the road.  No real treasures, though; just a lot of flattened pop cans and red coloured coffee cups.

To learn more or to participate in the effort next year, follow the hashtag #teamup2cleanup