The team

The team at the Miramichi Adventist church is composed of people like you, who share a passion for Christ and are waiting for His soon return.  We have elders, who see to the spiritual wellbeing of the community, deacons who see to the physical needs of the community and its facilities and different leaders who serve in different capacities.  Read below to meet the team.


Pastor Guy Lacourse

Our current pastor is Guy Lacourse.  Guy speaks both french and english.  Coming from Montreal, Qc, Canada, he spent five years in France training in theology and pastoring churches.  Guy was a chemist before devoting all his life to the work of the Gospel.

Guy’s passion in ministry involves the use of multimedia (but as he himself states “I am not the sharpest tool in the shed”).  He also loves studying and teaching about apocalyptic prophecies (Daniel and Revelation) and loves to preach about the love of God and how just and merciful God is.

Guy was married in the past but is no longer “matched”.  So he can understand both the joy of marriage and the pain of divorce.  Come hear him every second Sabbath (Saturday) at our church – he is usually with us on the first and third Sabbath of the month.


The elders are Ronald and Minard.   Minard also has a ministry with the Youth at the youth prison.  As for Ronald, he is currently our Head elder.  He is a very busy man and a very generous person.  He is an obstetrician here in Miramichi.


Our deacons team is headed byTim and Gillian.  While all members serve one another in many and varied capacities, we have a special team that looks at the physical needs of the people and the facility.  You can be part of that team too!


Next we have our Treasurer and church clerk, Pamela.   She’s making sure that whatever is given to the church is used appropriately and within laws and regulations.  This is serious stuff!


Getting to know one another is something we enjoy and work at in our church. So we have a Social Team headed by Sarah-Jane.  With her team of accomplices  they “invent” new and fun ways of gathering all of us for different activities.  You should come, its fun!


The Health Ministry.  Physical, mental and spiritual health all goes together.  Heather is heading this department where we organise seminars, Health Expos, cooking classes, etc.  Our Church promotes a healthy lifestyle and, in particular, a vegetarian diet.  Some members go a step further and chose a vegan diet.  God gave humanity very wise counsels as to how best live our life.  The Health Ministry is there to help all who want to improve their health and lifestyle.


The music team.  It would not be worship if there was no hymns and music.  Our team is under the direction of Sarah-Jane (pianist) and is composed of Rudy (guitar and vocals), Shaina (piano) and Calecia and Sandra (song leaders).  Children also participate regularly and we love it!


Children Bible class (we call it children sabbath school).  Telling about Jesus to our kids is fundamental.  We are building up new generations for Christ.  So we take it very much at heart that we offer our children a safe and spiritual environment in which they can learn about the Saviour.   Your kids are welcome to participate every time you come to church.


Adult Bible class (adult sabbath school).  Getting to know more about God and ourselves is important and that is why as adults we gather to discuss and learn together around the Bible.  Each sabbath morning we share about a topic and we are accompanied in this by Jacques (retired pastor), Ronald (Head elder), Minard (elder), William and Rudy.


Last but not least, Prayer.  We make it an essential part of what we do and it permeates our lives and activities.  Dan leads this ministry for our church.  As Seventh-day Adventists we believe that prayer is an open-hearted  conversation with God.


How about you?  How would you like to get involved?  Let us know!